Monday, February 10, 2014

Ahh, February 14th, the corporate-sponsored day of love. The Big V.D. Capitalism's way of globally weeding out the single from the brainwashed masses.

If it is not immediately obvious, there is a bit of disgust on my end toward the fools who believe that love means more when it is bought and paid for in the form of mass-produced candies. I truly dislike when people get pissed at their chosen mate for forgetting to love them more on a specific day, just because they did not buy a heart-shaped whatever from the red and pink buffet table set up in every store. That being said, I have something to offer that's so far away from the Valentine's Day smorgasbord you might just think it's Christmas.

Tired of giving hearts and flowers to that semi-special someone just because society tells you to? Sick of the giant teddy bears and extra expensive dinners for two? Get my book, "Family Flaws", for free from the 10th all the way to the 14th and ignore the upcoming "holiday" by immersing yourself in something that won't hate you in the morning.

And did I mention FREE!?

Or is there not a semi-special someone for society to tell you to please? Are you currently hiding under a rock waiting for this love madness to end? Has your love nest looked like this for the past few years and you need a distraction from the not-love you worked so hard to obtain? 

Get my book, "Family Flaws"! See? Proof that someone loves you in this world, and it won't cost you a thing on Valentine's Day (or on the 10th, 11th, 12th, or 13th of February, either).


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